US House Speaker says Hong Kong’s privileges at risk if it is 'just China'

Nancy Pelosi backs bipartisan legislation aimed at protecting Hong Kong’s rights and preventing mainland Chinese influence

Nancy Pelosi (Source: AP)

Nancy Pelosi (Source: AP)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – United States House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi has backed bipartisan legislation to protect Hong Kong’s rights and democracy and on Wednesday (June 19) called on the Trump administration to prove that Hong Kong’s special economic zone arrangement is intact.

According to Reuters, Pelosi noted the bipartisan legislation expresses that "we no longer assume that China is operating under one country, two systems” in Hong Kong. She added that Hong Kong is currently treated as a special economic zone with privileges not enjoyed by China under current U.S. law.

Pelosi said the legislation requires the Trump administration to provide proof that the “economic zone” arrangement for Hong Kong is still in effect. "If they're just China, then they don't get the privileges," said the lawmaker.

Pelosi described the “No Extradition Law to China” protest as “a beautiful sight to behold” and criticized Chinese President Xi Jinping of "really taking China backward in terms of repression," reported Reuters. She also warned that anyone, including the 5,000 U.S. citizens residing in Hong Kong, could be arrested and sent to trial in China under the proposed extradition bill.