Student calls Han's Taiwan presidential run 'too ridiculous'

Student tells Kaohsiung Mayor Han to 'please wake up' from his 'ridiculous' presidential bid

Han (left) pushing student (right). (Still from video)

Han (left) pushing student (right). (Still from video)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- During a photography session with itinerant Kaohsiung Mayor and full-time presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜), a junior high school student boldly told Han that his presidential run was "too ridiculous" and asked him to "please wake up."

During a photo op the mayor was holding with junior high school graduates on Wednesday (June 19), a 15-year-old student first posed with Han while making the thumbs-up gesture. However, before stepping aside for the next student, the student can be heard in a video of the event boldly blurting out "The mayor running for president is something that is too ridiculous. Please don't let emotions override reason. Please wake up."

Han reacts by patting the boy on the head, then quickly pushing him off the stage, and pulling in the next student to make a grimace for the next photo. A teacher behind Han can be seen reacting with horror and giving a stern lecture to the student.

Han (left) with student (right) just before incident. (Screenshot of video)

When asked by reporters about his take on the incident, Han said, "For a third-year junior high school student to bravely express his opinions, this kid should have a great future, really," reported ETtoday. Han then went on to say, "To my surprise, a 15-year-old boy was able to give his opinion, so I really applaud him. And to be honest, I very much encouraged him, laughed, and patted him. He has his ideas, his views, and I respect him."

When asked by the media why he made the comments to Han, the student said that he had made so many promises during the mayoral election, but now that Han is already running for president, he thinks it's too ridiculous, reported TVBS. He said that he thought this move was not good for Han's reputation.

Han (left) patting student (right) on head as he starts to criticize him. (Screenshot of video)

He said that all of Han's promises and political opinions are not very reasonable. In addition, his female classmate told the media that if the mayor could keep his promises, she would like him, but he did not.

When asked by reporters what Han's promise was, the female student replied, "Everybody becomes rich!"

Han (left) pushing student (right) off the stage. (Screenshot of video)