Taiwan sees first same-sex divorce less than 1 month since legalization

Less than 1 month since same-sex marriage legalized, Taiwan sees first divorce

Photo by flickr user Stig Anderson.

Photo by flickr user Stig Anderson.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A couple in southern Taiwan had the dubious distinction of being the first in Taiwan and Asia to file for a same-sex divorce, a little over three weeks after same-sex marriage was legalized in Taiwan on May 24.

The two males completed their divorce last week, after being married for less than a month in southern Taiwan's Pingtung County, reported UDN. The couple said that they divorced due to societal pressure and because their families had not consented to the marriage.

Out of Pingtung's 33 towns and cities, a total of 19 same-sex couples have wed since same-sex marriage became legal in Taiwan on May 24, including 12 on that day, according to the Pingtung County government. Nine of the couples, including the newly divorced pair, were married in Pingtung City.

The Pingtung County Department of Civil Affairs said that on the first day that same-sex marriage was legalized, one same-sex couple had made an appointment to register but later canceled because they were too young and their families opposed the union. According to the department, an average of 150 to 160 couples file for divorce each month in Pingtung County.

County officials said that regardless of their sexual orientation, couples should carefully consider the consequences before getting married.

Updated : 2021-03-02 23:15 GMT+08:00