60-year-old Taiwanese customer wants to wed Vietnamese KTV hostess busted by police

Elderly Taiwanese customer falls in love with Vietnamese KTV hostess nabbed by police, offers to pay her fines

(NIA Chiayi Brigade photo)

(NIA Chiayi Brigade photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- After six Vietnamese women were arrested for working illegally at a KTV club in southwest Taiwan, a 60-year-old customer claimed he was willing to divorce his wife and marry one of the young Vietnamese hostesses, in addition to paying all of her fines.

After receiving a tip that several Vietnamese women were working as hostesses at a KTV club in Taibao City, Chiayi County, the Chiayi County Brigade of the National Immigration Agency (NIA) and Shuishang Precinct police went in to investigate on Friday (June 14). In the club, police found that there were six Vietnamese working as hostesses ranging in age from 19 to 22, who had come to Taiwan on tourist visas, reported China Times.

After the women were taken into the police station for questioning, a 60-year-old customer burst in surnamed Lin (林) and said that he was willing to divorce his current wife and marry a hostess surnamed Nguyen (阮), who went by the nickname "Little Red," reported Liberty Times. He also said he was willing to pay for all of her fines and her plane ticket.

However, officers warned him that he could easily be deceived by the woman, but he insisted on providing financial assistance. In the end, officers finally convinced the man to leave after they agreed to let him pay NT$10,000 for her plane ticket, reported TVBS.

The NIA reminds foreign visitors not to engage in activities or jobs that are inconsistent with the stated purpose of their visas. Otherwise, they will face severe punishment for violating the law and be banned from reentering the country.

In addition, the NIA is offering a six-month amnesty program for foreign nationals who have overstayed their visas that ends on June 30. Those who voluntarily surrender will be exempted from some fines and the period that they will be banned from re-entering Taiwan will be shortened.

To learn more about the amnesty program, please call the toll free hotline at 0800-024-881.