Drunk gunman in Taipei kills innocent stranger just trying to help

Victim tried to assist drunk man to exit taxi on Chongqing North Road

(Photo by pixabay user WolfBlur)

(Photo by pixabay user WolfBlur)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – On Sunday night (June 16) sometime after 10:00 p.m., a man was shot and killed on Taipei’s Chongqing North Rd. (重慶北路) outside of a neighborhood sauna.

The victim, a 62 year old surnamed Huang (黃), had just parked his car outside the sauna and when he saw a drunk man arriving by taxi to the establishment. Huang saw that the man was unable to support himself and tried to help the stranger get out of the cab and on to his feet.

According to news reports, the drunk man, a 51 year old also surnamed Huang, was combative and began to argue with Huang. After a few moments of shouting with each other, the suspect suddenly pulled a gun from the bag he was carrying.

Standing on the street in front of the sauna, the shooter reportedly fired a single shot from a distance of about six meters. The bullet struck the victim in his eyebrow and passed through his skull, causing him to lose vital signs immediately.

The attacker initially attempted to flee the scene, rushing to the opposite side of the street and trying to hail another cab. He was pursued by employees of the sauna as well as bystanders who witnessed the murder.

After firing a shot into the air to scare off his pursuers, the attacker was subdued by members of the public. He was apprehended by police and taken into custody at around 10:45 p.m.

The victim was reportedly rushed to Mackay Memorial Hospital for emergency treatment, but was declared dead around 2:00 a.m. Monday morning.

United Daily News reports that since sobering up, the killer has been cooperating with authorities to provide a full account of the incident.