Female motorcyclist dies after hitting water buffalo on highway in eastern Taiwan

Local residents raise water buffalo in fields lining Provincial Highway No. 11 in Taitung County, posing danger to road users


(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A female motorcyclist died after hitting a water buffalo on a highway in Donghe Township in Taiwan’s eastern county of Taitung on Sunday night (June 16), Central News Agency (CNA) reported on Monday.

A witness said he was driving on the coastal Provincial Highway No. 11 sometime after 8 p.m. when the vehicle in front of him suddenly stopped, so he braked and stopped his own car. He then stepped out to ask what had just happened. As he was walking towards the car, he saw a scooter and woman lying on the highway, according to CNA. The driver of the other vehicle told him that the female motorcyclist had "just hit a water buffalo,” the news outlet reported.

A passerby called authorities to report the accident. The driver of the car in front performed CPR on the unconscious woman according to instructions given by the fire department via cell phone until an ambulance arrived and rushed the victim to a local hospital. However, the hospital pronounced the woman dead later that night, CNA reported.

Some local residents raise water buffalo in the fields lining Provincial Highway No. 11, and there have been multiple incidences of vehicles hitting the animals in the past, the news outlet reported. In the previous two cases, the car of one frightened motorist was dented and damaged, and in the other case, a water buffalo was killed, according to CNA.

Cheng Kung Police Precinct's (成功分局) traffic handling team is investigating the accident and would look into any responsibility the cattle owner might have for the accident, the news outlet said.