Taipei 101's top floor opens to public for first time

Observation deck on top floor of Taipei 101 opens to public for first time

Tourists on top deck. (Photo from Taipei 101)

Tourists on top deck. (Photo from Taipei 101)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- For the first time in the 15 year history of Taipei 101, the observation deck will be opened to visitors on Saturday (June 15), announced the building's management team on Thursday (June 13).

At a press conference on Thursday afternoon, Liu Chia-hao (劉家豪), Chief Operating Officer of Taipei 101, said that in the past, visitors could only venture to the observation deck on the 89th floor, while the top observation deck was reserved exclusively for VIPs such as U.S. President Bill Clinton and movie star Will Smith. However, Taipei 101 president Angela Chang (張振亞) said that in order to enable visitors to have a different experience, she decided to open up the top floor for the public, reported CNA.

Chang said that standing on the top observation deck for the first time made her feel "very touched inside," and she believes that not only foreign tourists but Taiwanese will have a special feeling when they step out on the top deck, according to the report. To reach the top viewing platform, visitors will first need to reach the 89th floor, and from there, they will need to transfer to two elevators and take stairs from there.

Taipei 101's top floor opens to public for first time
Tourists on Taipei 101's top observation deck. (Photo from Taipei 101)

As the top observation deck is a small space, it can only accommodate 12 people at a time. Starting Saturday, only three groups of 12 will be allowed on the deck per day, at 40 minutes each.

Reservations for the terrace will start on Saturday and tickets are NT$3,000 per person. Those who register before the end of June will receive a nine percent discount.

Because it is an outdoor viewing platform, it will be necessary to wear safety equipment, including a safety belt, which is buckled to the railing. Visitors will need to walk along the railing and closely follow instructions.

Under professional guidance, visitors will be able to enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of Taipei. The platform will soon undoubtedly become a coveted spot to capture the ultimate souvenir photos of a trip to Taipei.

The name of the package tour for the top terrace is "101 Skyline 460" and includes fast transit to the top, exclusive souvenir photos, "cloud coffee," and Taipei 101 souvenir bottled water.

Those who wish to purchase tickets to visit the top observation deck can do so at the kkday website.

Taipei 101's top floor opens to public for first time
Taipei 101 at sunset. (Photo by flickr user tsaiian)

Updated : 2021-01-25 15:25 GMT+08:00