Taiwan cautions citizens to avoid Hong Kong protests

MAC says clashes could erupt again

Outside the Legislative Council in Hong Kong Thurs...

Outside the Legislative Council in Hong Kong Thurs... (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) on Thursday (June 13) cautioned Taiwanese citizens against visiting the sites of massive protests in Hong Kong against the China extradition bill following the violent police action against the protesters.

The territory’s Legislative Council scrapped its June 12-13 sessions to discuss the second reading of the bill following huge protests.

In a news release Thursday, the MAC asked people planning to visit Hong Kong in the near future to take care of their personal safety and to stay away from the sites of recent clashes.

Taiwanese visitors, business people and residents of Hong Kong who were in need of emergency assistance could call the hotline 852-61439012 to reach the Taipei economic and cultural office in the territory, the MAC said.

The news release pointed out that more than 70 people had been injured when riot police took action against protesters on Wednesday, with new protests possible at any time.

The MAC told Taiwanese in Hong Kong to stay informed of new developments and to keep an eye out for information about public transportation, as subway traffic had also been affected in some areas.