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Hong Kong protester shot in eye by rubber bullet as police fire into crowds

Video shows Hong Kong protester describe experience being shot in eye with rubber bullet by police firing at civilians

(Screenshot from video)

(Screenshot from video)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- As police have begun to use force to try to break the will of protestors trying to halt a controversial extradition law in Hong Kong today, reports are starting to stream in of people being injured by water cannons, tear gas, bean bags, and rubber bullets fired by police.

Radio Television Hong Kong confirmed that one of its drivers was shot in the head with a rubber bullet and fainted. He is unconscious and was sent to Queen Mary Hospital for treatment.

Commissioner of Hong Kong Police Steven Lo Wai-chung confirmed that police are using a variety of weapons, including rubber bullets to quell protests in the heart of the city, reported BBC. Lo justified the use of the weapons against Hong Kong's citizens claiming the protest had become a "riot."

He claimed protesters had assaulted police lines and officers were left with "no choice but to start to use force," according to the report.

At 5:31 p.m. today (June 12), a Hong Kong protestor on the scene posted a video interview on Facebook with a fellow protestor who had apparently been shot in the eye with a rubber bullet. The following is the English translation of the video, which is in Cantonese:

Wounded demonstrator:

"Well, I was just in front of the police. Just now there was nothing blocking the police. Some demonstrators moved some metal barriers in the hope of establishing a line of defense. But the police started shooting without raising the black [flag]. One shot hit my right eye, and now it's bleeding. I don't know anything..."


"What kind of gun was it? Do you know?"

Wounded demonstrator:

"I don't know. It should be that kind of..."

Third person out of frame (wearing white gloves, probably medical staff):

"Don't touch [the wound] with your hands."

Wounded demonstrator:

"It's not a metal bullet, it's a rubber bullet, I guess. Because I'm not saying the whole [wound] entered [inside the eye] now, but I can't see anything at all."


"OK, thank you."