New Taipei police hunt for suspect who sexually assaulted Indonesian caregiver

Police slow to search for suspect who sexually assaulted Indonesian caregiver in New Taipei City

(Still from Facebook page 我是中和人)

(Still from Facebook page 我是中和人)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- New Taipei City police have begun a search for a suspect, four days after he sexually assaulted a female Indonesian caregiver.

At 5 p.m. on June 6, a female Indonesian migrant was helping her employer walk his dog in Lane 96 on Jingxin Street in New Taipei City's Zhonghe District when a man wearing black trousers and a white jacket suddenly groped her breasts from behind, reported UDN. Terrified, the 25-year-old woman tried to run, but instead stumbled to the ground.

The suspect continued his assault until she was able to get to her feet and flee the scene with the dog in tow. Police are now tracing the suspect's movements and are asking the public to aid in his capture.

Suspect walking casually past woman. (Still from Facebook page 我是中和人)

The woman said that as she was walking her dog on Lane 96, the man approached her from behind and grabbed her breasts with both of his hands. After trying to run, she stumbled forward, and the man continued to grab her breasts and touch her buttocks, reported China Times.

After about five seconds, the woman was able to get to her feet, and fled back inside her employer's home. As the woman has been in Taiwan for just one year, she is only able to speak basic Chinese, reported Apple Daily.

Pointing to her injured knee and gesturing to explain the sexual assault, her employer went with her to the scene of the crime, but the suspect had left.

Suspect suddenly grabs woman from behind. (Still from Facebook page 我是中和人)

She then went with her employer to the nearest police station, where she filed a report. Based on the woman's statement, the police deemed it to be a case of sexual harassment.

Although a nearby surveillance camera had captured every detail of the assault and the suspect's facial features can clearly be seen, it took police five days to finally check the footage, according to Apple Daily.

It was not until members of the public posted the surveillance video on the Facebook group "I am a Zhonghe Person" (我是中和人) on Monday, did police view the footage. After police inspected the video, they found that the suspect had groped her breasts and changed the charge from sexual harassment to forced obscenity (強制猥褻罪).

Suspect continuing the assault as woman falls forward. (Still from Facebook page 我是中和人)

Officers said that the suspect is about 30 years old and escaped on foot to Nanshan Raod in Zhonghe District after the incident. Police are now reviewing more surveillance footage in the area to trace the suspect's movements.

Police are appealing to members of the public to contact the Zhonghe Precinct of the New Taipei City Police Department at (02) 2249-2624 if they have any clues, information, or assistance they can provide in identifying and locating the suspect.

Suspect fleeing the scene. (Still from Facebook page 我是中和人)