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Photo of the Day: 'Rain waterfall' spotted in SW Taiwan

'Rain waterfall' spotted in Chiayi as plum rains pummel Taiwan

"Rain waterfall." (Photo from 嘉義大小事 Facebook page)

"Rain waterfall." (Photo from 嘉義大小事 Facebook page)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- As a massive plum rain front began to storm into Taiwan on Monday (June 10), photos have surfaced of a "rain waterfall" which appeared over Chiayi City in southwestern Taiwan.

At noon on Monday, a cloudburst was spotted over Chiayi City, prompting many to rush out and take photos of what they described as a "rain waterfall." Many described it as a massive hole which opened in the sky and suddenly dumped water on a localized section of the city.

A member of the Facebook group "Big and Small Things in Chiayi" (嘉義大小事) posted the following image and wrote, "Frightening - bombing."

Photo of the Day: 'Rain waterfall' spotted in SW Taiwan
Photo of "rain waterfall." (Photo from 嘉義大小事 Facebook page)

Cheng Ming-dean (鄭明典), director of the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) Meteorological Research and Development Center, said that cloud bursts are more likely to occur in summer, when convection is strong. Cheng said they are short-lived, often disappearing within less than half an hour.

From today (June 11) until Friday (June 14), the plum rain front is expected to linger over Taiwan and slowly meander from north to south. By the second half of the day on Friday, the front is expected to reach the Bashi Channel. As the front moves south and cold air presses down from the north, rains are expected to subside in Taiwan by Friday afternoon.

Many netizens were thrilled by the rare weather phenomenon:

"The sky is broken and needs to be filled with dirt."

"The legendary Flowers and Fruit Mountain [home of monkey king] Water Curtain Cave."


"Real bombing."

"Just move it to the reservoir."