Taiwanese officials witness test of Japanese Terra Drone traffic system

Officials from several ministries and institutions reviewed 'Unmanned Traffic Management' system in Fukushima

Officials at Fukushima Robot Test Field (Photo from Terra Drone)

Officials at Fukushima Robot Test Field (Photo from Terra Drone)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A delegation of Taiwanese representatives was in Japan last week to observe tests of drone manufactured by the Japanese corporation, Terra Drone, which hopes to provide the Taiwanese government with drones for an Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) system, created in partnership with the European firm Unifly.

On Friday (June 7), Taiwanese officials representing several ministries, educational institutes, and some private companies were in Fukushima, Japan to witness tests of the traffic management drones.

Among the agencies and institutions represented were the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of the Interior, the Industrial Technology Research Institute, National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, the Taiwan Association of Information and Communication Standards, and several representatives from the private sector.

The tests took place at the Fukushima Robot Test Field, and showcased the capabilities of the drones produced by Terra Drone, including real-time tracking and networking capabilities between drones, which can ensure safe traffic management.

The Head of the UTM program at Terra Drone, Yosuke Kaneko, is quoted in the Terra Drone press release.

“The Taiwanese government realizes how important UTM is for safe and efficient drone operations, and is exploring the possibility of deploying our UTM system in the country. In the future, no country will allow drone operations without knowing who is flying the drone and where.”

The release notes that the Taiwanese government recognizes the utility of a “robust UTM system” and as drone technology develops and air traffic increases, “that poorly-handled drone operations can lead to severe economic losses.”