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Delegation of US military and FBI officials arrives in Taiwan: Stratfor

Delegation of more than 100 people representing US law enforcement and US Indo-Pacific Command arrived in Taipei on Friday

US INDO-PACOM officers at Memorial Day ceremony in Hawaii, May 27, (photo from INDO-PACOM twitter acct.)

US INDO-PACOM officers at Memorial Day ceremony in Hawaii, May 27, (photo from INDO-PACOM twitter acct.)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – In line with the Taiwan Travel Act (TTA) implemented in 2018, the U.S. has sent a large number of military and law enforcement officials to Taiwan to engage in bilateral talks focused on security in the Indo-Pacific.

The intelligence consulting platform and publishing agency, Stratfor, reported on June 7 that a delegation numbering over 100 representing the U.S. armed forces and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrived in Taipei for a five day visit.

The delegation is reportedly scheduled to attend a closed door seminar Monday and Tuesday next week, where they are likely to meet top Taiwanese law enforcement officials and officials representing Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense.

News of the delegation’s dispatch and arrival in Taiwan comes only days after the sudden announcement that the U.S. was in the final stage of talks to provide Taiwan with US$2.6 billion worth of tanks and missiles, in order for the country to maintain its defensive capabilities against any potential attack from China.

The weapon's sales to Taiwan are in line with the provisions of the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA), which recently celebrated its 40th anniversary in April. The TRA states that the U.S. is obligated to provide for Taiwan's defensive needs to resist coercion or threats from China.

The article from Stratfor notes that the arrival of the U.S. military and law enforcement officials will coincide with the presidential primary of the Democratic Progressive Party, which is holding public polls June 10-14. The timing of the delegation might serve to boost support for Taiwan’s incumbent, Tsai Ing-wen.