Taiwan's Dragon Boat weekend to be soaked by plum rains

Dragon Boat Festival day last day of sun before 8 days of plum rains hit Taiwan

(CWB satellite image)

(CWB satellite image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Dragon Boat Festival day on Friday (June 7) will be the last day of sunny skies in Taiwan before a massive plum rain front dumps precipitation on Taiwan for the next eight days, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

The CWB said that on Dragon Boat Festival day on Friday, Taiwan will see sunny skies and scorching temperatures reaching 35 degrees. However, starting on Saturday (June 8), a plum rain front will begin to make its presence known in northern Taiwan.

Areas of Taiwan affected by rain will increase from Sunday through Wednesday (June 9 through 12). During this period, the rains are expected to fall throughout the day.

The effects of the plum rain system are expected to continue to be felt at least until next Saturday (June 15), when the weather will continue to be unstable in western Taiwan, heavy rain in northeastern Taiwan, and localized heavy rains in other areas. According to the CWB, the eight-day stretch of rain expected from Saturday to next Saturday (June 8-15), is typical of the plum rain season, which is typified by heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and severe weather.

The CWB's Deputy Director Cheng Ming-dean (鄭明典) said that the expected arrival of heavy plum rains has been shifted from the second week (June 12 - 18) June to the first week (5 - 11). The rainfall is now expected to come sooner and last longer than previously forecast. Cheng said that the details of the rain pattern will still fluctuate, but the trend is fairly stable.

Cheng said that this rainfall signal deserves attention, but the forecast is always uncertain and needs to be continuously observed.