Lucky Taiwan receipt lottery winner buys NT$8 newspaper, pockets NT$10 million

18 lucky winners came away with NT$10 million Taiwan receipt lottery Special Prize


(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A total of 18 people won the NT$10 million (NT$317,000) Special Prize in the March-April issue of the Taiwan receipt lottery, including one person who bought a newspaper for NT$8, announced the Ministry of Finance (MOF) on Monday (June 3).

The lucky winner of the NT$10 million Special Prize spent a mere NT$8 on a newspaper at a PX Mart in New Taipei City's Sanchong District, according to the MOF. Meanwhile, another 19 people won the NT$2 million Grand Prize.

Of the Grand Prize winners, the one who spent the least was a FamilyMart customer in Kaohsiung, who only spent NT$25 on a carbonated beverage. The winner who spent the most was a person who spent NT$3,298 on health food on the online shopping site VIVA (美好家庭購物), which is based in Taipei's Nangang District.

The MOF said that many thrifty spenders made it big this time around, with 14 Special Prizes and 10 Grand Prizes to be awarded for purchases of NT$100 or less.

The winning number for the NT$10 million Special Prize for the March-April issue is 03802602, and the winning number for the NT$2 million Grand Prize is 00708299. Three numbers qualify for the First Prize of NT$200,000 including 33877270, 21772506 and 61786409.

Additional prizes are available to anyone holding a receipt in which the last 3-7 digits of the invoice number match the last 3-7 digits of any First Prize number. Those holding March-April receipts in which the invoice number ends in 136 or 022 are eligible to win NT$200.

The March-April 2019 winning numbers and respective cash prizes are as follows:

Special Prize


NT$10 million for matching all the digits from the above special prize winning number.

Grand Prize


NT$2 million for matching all the digits from the above grand prize winning number.

First Prize

33877270; 21772506; 61786409

NT$200,000 for matching all the digits from any of the above first prize winning numbers.

Second Prize

NT$40,000 for matching the last seven digits from any of the first prize winning numbers.

Third Prize

NT$10,000 for matching the last six digits from any of the first prize winning numbers.

Fourth Prize

NT$4,000 for matching the last five digits from any of the first prize winning numbers.

Fifth Prize

NT$1,000 for matching the last four digits from any of the first prize winning numbers.

Sixth Prize

NT$200 for matching the last three digits from any of the first prize winning numbers.

Sixth Prize

136; 022

NT$200 for matching the three digits of the Additional Sixth Prize winning number.

Claiming prize money

To claim a cash prize, winners must fill in all necessary personal information on the back of their uniform-invoice receipt and take it to any participating financial institution from June 6. Winners must provide ID when claiming a prize.

Prizes can be redeemed at the Taiwan First Bank, Chang Hwa Bank, and National Agricultural Bank.

All 1,233 credit cooperatives across the country offer cash redemption services for prizes from the third tier or below.

Fifth and sixth tier prizes can be redeemed for in-store credit at any convenience store as well as certain supermarkets, including Simple Mart and PX mart, according to the MOF.

The MOF has released a smartphone app that can scan and record invoice numbers directly, and remit cash prizes to bank accounts. It is available to both iOS and Android users.

As of Jan. 1, post offices no longer offer cash redemption services for lottery winners.

Further Regulations

Winners do not need to collect prizes in person. A trusted friend or relative can collect prize money on behalf of a winner by presenting the winner's ID along with identification of their own.

If the uniform-invoice receipt does not indicate a sale amount it is declared void.

If the buyer on a uniform-invoice receipt is shown to be a government agency, state-run enterprise, public school, military unit, or business entity, it may not be used to claim a prize.

Special, Grand, First, Second, Third and Fourth Prizes are subject to a 20 percent lottery tax.