Modern pianist Boris Giltburg to perform at Taipei National Concert Hall Tuesday night


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwanese company Newaspect Environment Well Vision Culture & Creation (新象‧環境‧藝之美文創) invited pianist Boris Giltburg for a piano recital at National Concert Hall on June 4.

Giltburg will perform three pieces aiming at bringing different feelings to the audience. His recital will include Liszt’s Transcendental Etudes (李斯特:超技練習曲), Medtner’s Sonata Reminiscenza, Op.38, No.1 (梅特納:奏鳴曲《回憶》), Schumann’s Carnaval Op.9 (舒曼:狂歡節,作品編號9).

Born in 1984 in Moscow, Boris Giltburg moved to Tel Aviv at an early age and had his debut to help out the family's financial situation at the age of eight. He went on to win numerous awards, most recently the second prize at the Rubinstein.

"Playing the piano is not merely a habit and also an interest, I was not being inspired by a particular pianist to develop the career, but it is the music itself being inspiring,” said Giltburg.

The Boris Giltburg piano recital is kicking off Tuesday June 4 at seven thirty at the National Concert Hall. For more information, please visit the official website.