Photo of the Day: Cockpit view inside Taiwan-made warplane

Taiwanese warplane fires Sky Sword I at virtual enemy Chinese aircraft

View inside cockpit of IDF fighter jet. (Military News Agency photo)

View inside cockpit of IDF fighter jet. (Military News Agency photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A missile can be seen being launched in this photograph taken inside of a Taiwanese-built Indigenous Defense Fighter (IDF) on Wednesday (May 29).

In the photo, a pilot taking part in the third day of Taiwan's 35th annual Han Kuang Exercises (漢光演習) titled "Joint Coastal Victory Operational Exercise," fires a Sky Sword I short range infrared guided air-to-air missile from his IDF fighter, reported CNA. The exercise, the third out of a total of five days of exercises, took place in offshore areas and included the following Taiwanese warships: Perry-class frigates, La Fayette-class frigates, Ching Chiang-class patrol boats, Tuo Chiang-class corvettes, and Chien-Lung class submarines.

All three of Taiwan's main fighter jet models took part in the exercise, including F-16s, IDFs, and Mirage 2000s. The Military News Agency reported that to simulate a response to a sudden attack by sea, air and naval forces were rapidly deployed from their bases.

Knox-class frigates and Kee Lung class destroyers fired anti-submarine missiles, 5-inch guns and OTO Melara 76 mm guns at a target area off the coast of Hualien to simulate a counterattack on enemy warships. At the same time, Sikorsky S-70 submarine hunters scoured the sea for enemy subs.

In the fighter jet section of the drill, IDFs, such as the one pictured, launched Sky Bow I missiles. Meanwhile, F-16s fired sidewinder missiles.

(Military News Agency photo)