Tragic car accident in N. Taiwan reunites son and parents

The son had been estranged from the family for 10 years but police managed to contact the parents after the accident

Yangmei Precinct. (桃園市政府警察局楊梅分局Facebook photo)

Yangmei Precinct. (桃園市政府警察局楊梅分局Facebook photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A tragic car accident in Taoyuan has reunited a missing son with the parents who lost contact with him for 10 years, China Times reported.

The man was involved in a serious car accident in Taoyuan’s Yangmei District on Monday night (May 27). The man was later identified as a 37-year-old surnamed Lian (連), who suffered serious head injuries and was rushed to a local hospital, where he was treated at an intensive care unit, the report said.

When Yangmei police first tried to identify the man and contact his family, they were not able to do so because he was confused and had no identity documents on him, according to the report. Traffic police officer Hu Yu-hong (胡毓弘) said they could not access information on his cellphone either.

Police asked tech professionals how to unlock the phone and learned it can show emergency contacts. This enabled them to contact Lian’s former girlfriend, and with her help and Lian’s friends, the police contacted Lian’s parents, according to the report.

Lian’s parents live in Tainan but quickly visited their son, who needed an operation. Even so, they still paid a visit to Yangmei traffic police to express their gratitude for finding their son. They said their son had not been in touch for more than 10 years, the report said.