Ginormous giant grouper caught in E. Taiwan

Gargantuan giant grouper caught in E. Taiwan biggest in 10 years

211 kg giant grouper.

211 kg giant grouper. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Fishermen caught a Goliath giant grouper weighing 211 kilograms off the coast of eastern Taiwan's Hualien County on Tuesday (May 28), the biggest seen in 10 years.

On Tuesday, fishermen operating off the coast of Qixingtan in Hualien County caught a humongous giant grouper that measured 180 cm in length and weighed in at 211 kg, reported Liberty Times. Local fishermen said that it was the largest specimen seen in nearly 10 years.

At an estimated market price of NT$450 (US$14) to NT$500 (US$15) per kg, the big fish could easily fetch over NT$100,000. A Hualien restaurant that specializes in rare, wild seafood purchased the gigantic grouper for NT$150,000, according to Liberty Times.

211 kg giant grouper. (CNA photo)

After quickly filleting and freezing the fish, the restaurant plans to serve it to hundreds of customers in dishes such as Three Cup Grouper, Stone Grill Fish fillet Steaks, Grouper Sushi, Grouper Fruit and Vegetable Salad, and Grouper Tempura. Members of the public have reportedly already made reservations to get a taste of the colossal fish.

A farm-raised giant grouper in Taiwan takes about three years to reach 30 kg in weight, while this fish is estimated to have lived in the wild for approximately 30 years.

211 kg giant grouper. (CNA photo)

The proprietor of the Whirl Lan Bay View Restaurant (洄瀾灣景觀餐廳), Wang Hsing-fu (王興福), told Liberty Times that the chef has eight ways of preparing the fish. He said that after the head and bones have been removed, there is still about 100 kg of meat that can feed hundreds of customers.

Wang said that the restaurant is tentatively offering a set meal for NT$800 per person, which will include one or two giant grouper dishes.