Taiwanese engineer creates FB filter that blocks all Han Kuo-yu news

Taiwanese engineer designs Chrome extension that filters out Hank Kuo-yu news on Facebook

Screenshot of Han Kuo-yu fan page by Max Yi-Hsun Chou.

Screenshot of Han Kuo-yu fan page by Max Yi-Hsun Chou.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- After Taiwanese have been blasted with wall-to-wall coverage of Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜) for months on TV screens, radio waves, newspapers, billboards, and social media, an engineer has created a Google Chrome extension designed to filter out all Han-related news on Facebook.

On Tuesday (May 21), full stack engineer Max Yi-Hsun Chou posted an article on Medium announcing that he had created a Google Chrome extension that can filter out all news and content related to Han from one's Facebook feed. Chou also included detailed instructions on how readers can code the extension themselves.

Chou first included Han's name on the list of blocked terms and then added some of his frequently used slogans and ways Han has been mocked, such as "making it rich" (發大財), "the straw sack has already been hidden," (草包已被隱藏), and "without the straw sack, peace reigns over the land" (沒有草包天下太平). Critics of Han have referred to him as a "straw sack" for his lack of detailed knowledge of his own proposals, such as Kaohsiung's free economic zone.

However, he found this tactic was not very effective, because this only filtered out content that was critical of Han. He then added some keywords to the block list that have been used by his supporters and pro-KMT media outlets, such as "President Han" (韓總) and "Han wave" (韓流).

Chou took out "straw bag" from the block list and instead used it as a message to appear over blocked content.

He then tested his filter by visiting a "Han fan" (韓粉) Facebook page with the Chrome extension enabled. As can be seen below, the filter did its job, and all Han-related material has been blocked and replaced with the words "the straw sack has already been hidden."

Screenshot of Han Kuo-yu fan page after filter blocked Han-related content.

Chou then posted a link to his extension on GitHub and the Chrome Web Store. He only asked in exchange that those who like it clap their hands or give him a star on the page.

On the Chrome Web Store, all those who left comments found the extension highly useful and effective:

"Really effective!! FB finally cleaned up. Thanks!"

"All children should install this filter for their parents' PCs."

"I've been waiting for this for a long time!!! As soon as I saw it, I installed it."

"My physical and mental health is much better than before."