DPP Secretary-General backs Cho for keeping existing opinion poll rules

Party to meet again March 29 to discuss polling issue


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Democratic Progressive Party Secretary-General Luo Wen-jia (羅文嘉) has voiced his support for Chairman Cho Jung-tai (卓榮泰) for maintaining the party's primary rules and an orderly environment, saying they will keep faith in democracy, and that won't be changed in any event.

Cho drew a backlash from DPP members supporting President Tsai Ing-wen after he stated clearly at the party's latest Central Executive Committee (CEC) meeting that the existing opinion poll regulations for picking a presidential candidate for the 2020 elections will remain unchanged. He said that not doing so meant the original March 13 meeting when the same CEC had approved them, had been mere "child's play."

Lo commented that if the primary rules can be amended at any time to favor certain people, it will set a bad precedent.

"The change of the rules during the game will be accepted only if consensus can be reached, and the process has to be fair and reasonable," he added.

"If I accept the rule changes to create favorable conditions for those in power and turn away from my belief in democracy, I will never be able to face myself in the mirror," Luo wrote.

He added that his faith in democracy is also reflected on other human rights issues, so that is why he detests China's bullying in Taiwan, and why he supports same-sex marriage.

Luo urged the party members to uphold democratic values and not to trade their souls in exchange for power.