Japanese filmmaker shoots mind-boggling 'multiverse' video of scooters in Taipei

Japanese filmmaker creates stunning time-lapse 'multiverse' video of scooter drivers in Taipei

Photo by Hiroshi Kondo.

Photo by Hiroshi Kondo.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Japanese filmmaker Hiroshi Kondo has created a stunning time-lapse video that shows countless Taiwanese commuters somehow living parallel lives in what he describes as a "multiverse."

Kondo, who is based in Tokyo, shot footage of commuters riding scooters on the streets of Taipei for six days in July of 2018. After sifting through and editing over 1 terabyte of HDD footage, Kondo released his masterpiece on Vimeo on May 3.

Kondo says he was inspired by the sight of the throngs of scooters and the "energy of the crowd," which he says is different from his native Tokyo. He overlapped video of many riders to create what appears to be a continuous timeline of multiple people following the same path, seemingly in a parallel universe at the same time.

In Kondo's description of the video, he writes:

"A crowd moving in one direction. People who flow in a moment.
A scene where the difference with other people disappears and looks uniform.
There are many different kinds of life there.
You can feel invisible energy when you see a large mass of individuals."

(Photo by Hiroshi Kondo)

(Photo by Hiroshi Kondo)

(Photo by Hiroshi Kondo)

multiverse from Hiroshi Kondo / STNW on Vimeo.