'Charming' Waimushan sea swim to take place this weekend in Keelung

The event is said to be the only sea swim in Taiwan that starts and ends in different places

(Keelung City Government photo)

(Keelung City Government photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The 3,200 meter Waimushan sea swim (外木山海上長泳) will take place in Keelung City (基隆市) at 7:30 a.m. on Sunday (May 26), United Daily reported.

Participants will start the swim from Waimushan fishing port (外木山漁港), swim westward along Waimushan coast, and finish at Dawulun Aodi Beach (大武崙澳底沙灘). The report added the Waimushan event is the only sea swim in Taiwan that starts and ends in different places.

This means swimmers will experience different coastal landscapes during the entire swim. They will also be able to see colorful tropical fish and globefish on the reefs along the route, the report said.

The water off Waimushan coast won first place in a vote to find Taiwan’s "top 10 charming waters," held by the Sports Department of the Ministry of Education, in 2015.

This year 1,499 people from 202 teams are set to participate in the event. The eldest swimmer is 84 years old and the youngest 10, according to the report.

Among the participants, 431 are from 59 teams in New Taipei, 414 from 51 teams in Taipei, and 253 from 34 teams in Keelung. The participants also include 10 foreigners.

(Keelung City Government photo)

Dawulun Aodi Beach (Wikipedia photo)