Taiwan seeks to join WTO consultations between Japan and India

Japan has filed a complaint regarding India's tariff policy governing imported ICT products

World Trade Organization

World Trade Organization (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan has declared its interest in joining World Trade Organization (WTO) consultation talks between Japan and India regarding a dispute over information communication technology (ICT) products.

The case revolves around a complaint filed by Japan regarding India’s import duties on ICT products. Taiwan, as a party with an interest in the region’s ICT product market has requested to join the talks, according to a WTO statement.

In order for Taiwan to participate, both India and Japan must agree to Taiwan’s proposal to join.

Japan lodged the complaint with the WTO on May 14 regarding duties on cellphones, and a wide array of related ICT technologies. Japan has alleged that India’s duties on ICT products infringe on WTO norms, because the country has implemented zero percent bound tariffs on the products in question, reports Business Standard.

Other nations reportedly seeking to join the consultations are Singapore and Canada.