New Taipei's Fu Jen University turned into 'water park' by rain bomb

Fu Jen University students seen frolicking in campus 'water park' after heavy rains

(Photos from PTT)

(Photos from PTT)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- After much of Taiwan was hammered by a rain bomb yesterday, photos have surfaced of students at Fu Jen Catholic University in New Taipei City making the most of the flooding and turning the campus into a free '"water park."

As the campus of Fu Jen University was inundated by flood waters from a massive rain bomb that blasted northern Taiwan, photos began to surface on Taiwan’s PTT Bulletin Board System of students frolicking in what many mockingly referred to as the "Leofoo Village Theme Park." The water was soon so deep that roads on the campus became "rivers" on which large groups of students could be seen riding huge inflatable rafts.

In one of the photos, eight students can be seen piled into one raft with the caption "Leofoo Village Theme Park," giving some readers the impression that the photo was actually taken at the amusement park in Hsinchu County's Guanxi Township. On its Facebook page, the amusement park's monkey mascot even made fun of the photo and encouraged readers to enjoy the real thing in Hsinchu.

Caption reads "Sitting inside feels really good." (PTT photo)

A flood of comments by netizens soon poured in:

"This is so much fun. With that kind of water depth, rain boots are probably enough."

"Eight people are able to float? How deep are the flood waters?"

"Whitewater rafting, how cool!"

"The legendary Chungmei [Chung Mei Auditorium] Lake."

"Tickets: NT$50,000 for half a year."

(PTT photo)

(PTT photo)

(PTT photo)

The caption reads "classes really not canceled?" (PTT photo)

Flooded student cafeteria. (PTT photo)

Caption reads "Fu Jen Water Park reopens. Haha, laughing to death. Everyone can buy swimwear now." (PTT photo)

(PTT photo)

Caption reads "Fu Jen University open-air swimming pool." (PTT photo)

Photos of the flooded campus posted by FJ News: