Filipino basketball tournament tips off in Taipei

Filipino CIASI summer basketball league tournament tips off in Taipei

Mafe Agad (left), Rapper Dicky Fox (front, right).

Mafe Agad (left), Rapper Dicky Fox (front, right). (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A round-robin basketball tournament featuring over a dozen teams of Filipino migrant workers from across Taiwan tipped off on Sunday (May 19), reported CNA.

The tournament is being organized by the Taiwan chapter of the Confederation of Ilocano Association, Inc. (CIASI), or Samahang Ilocano, an organization dedicated to helping Filipinos around the world, which has 700 members in 13 sub-branches across Taiwan. This is the first year the tournament has been held since 2016, and this time will feature 17 men's teams, according to the report.

Rheden Delumen, national chairman of CIASI's Taiwan chapter, told CNA that the teams are comprised of migrant workers in Taiwan, and the goal of the tournament is to create "unity, sportsmanship, and respect." Delumen said the tournament organizers hope that the games will help Filipino workers to overcome such challenges as "trying to keep physically and mentally fit, in addition to fighting homesickness."

Ying Yi basketball team. (CNA photo)

Each team also has a "muse" or female representative, and a competition is held to select the "Best Muse" as well as the team with the "Best Uniform." Organizers estimate that the tournament will continue until late July or early August.

Delumen told Taiwan News that the games are held every Sunday starting at 9:30 am and run until 3 pm at Minglun Senior High School in Taipei's Datong District.

Address: No. 336, Section 3, Chengde Road, Datong District, Taipei City

Bisdak Fighters basketball team. (CNA photo)

Sanlong St. basketball team. (CNA photo)

Bulacan basketball team. (CNA photo)

Itawis basketball team. (CNA photo)

Basketball muses posing with team banners. (CNA photo)

Saints basketball team "muse" Mafe Agad (front). (CNA photo)