Level 1 flood warning issued for N. Taiwan

Level 1 flood warning issued for Taipei, New Taipei, Level 2 warning issued in Keelung

Flooding in New Taipei's Linkou District.

Flooding in New Taipei's Linkou District. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- As a weather front lashes large swaths of Taiwan, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) has issed a level 1 flood warning for Taipei City and New Taipei City, while it has issued a level 2 flood warning for Keelung today (May 20).

As of noon today (May 20), the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport has reported that 18 flights have been affected by the inclement weather. Of those 18 flights, 7 were flights which had to be diverted to other airports including, Kaohsiung International Airport, reported CNA.

Flooding occurred in an underpass below Zhongyang North Road and Ligong Street in Taipei's Beitou District, causing a taxi to become trapped inside. The driver was able to successfully escape from his vehicle and police have since cordoned off the underpass on both sides.

Taxi caught in flood waters in Beitou underpass. (CNA photo

Heavy rains and lightning strikes have caused power lines to fall on Zhongshan Road in Taichung City's Dajia District. A person who is suspected to have come in contact with one of the downed power lines was found to have collapsed and lost all vital signs, according to the report.

Fortunately, after the person was rushed to a hospital for treatment, their heart rate and blood pressure was restored. The cause of the accident is being investigated by police.

Many motorists in New Taipei City have had to been rescued, because their vehicles became trapped in heavy flooding. In Linkou district, a minibus became submerged, and its passengers became trapped. However, they have now been rescued, reported CNA.

Flooding in New Taipei City's Linkou District. (CNA photo)

Meanwhile, in Tamsui, both Alethia University and St. John's University have announced the cancellation of classes for the rest of the day.

The Taoyuan Police Department reports water 10 cm deep has pooled around the Taoyuan Airport MRT A8 station at the corner of Wenhua 1st Road and Fuxing 1st Road. However, because the station itself is elevated, it has not been directly affected by the flooding.

Meanwhile, flood waters 20 cm in depth have been reported on Xingye Street in Taoyuan's Guishan District, prompting police to close the street off until it can be properly drained.

Water levels seen rising around Taoyuan Airport MRT A8 station. (CNA photo)

The Taoyuan City Government has issued a level 1 flood warning for Luzhou and Guishan districts. Motorists are advised to exercise extreme caution when driving through these districts.

Flooding in underpass in Tamsui. (CNA photo)

Man being rescued from flooding in New Taipei's Wugu district. (CNA photo)

Man rescued from flooding in New Taipei City's Wugu District. (CNA photo)

Flooding in underpass in Taipei's Beitou District. (Photo from Facebook page @Beitou.no.1)

Video of flooding in Taichung:

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