Taipei Film Festival reveals nominees for 'International Talent Competition'

12 films from 15 countries selected for new competion category ahead of 21st TFF happening next month

Cinematographer Mark Lee Ping-bing announces nominees (Photo from TFF)

Cinematographer Mark Lee Ping-bing announces nominees (Photo from TFF)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Ahead of the upcoming 21st Taipei Film Festival, organizers on Friday (May 17) announced the selection of films to be screened as part of the festival’s first ever “International Talent Competition.”

After receiving 610 submissions from around the world, the festival has announced a lineup of 12 international films from 15 countries. After screening, judges will award the best film a grand prize of NT$600,000 (US$20,000) and the runner-up a special prize of NT$300,000 (US$10,000).

Among the entries in the international competition, there are two world premiering films from Taiwanese directors, including Hseih Pei-ju’s directorial debut “Heavy Craving” and Director Shih Li’s second film “Wild Sparrow.”

The full list of films for the International Talent Competition, and their directors are listed below.

1. Being Impossible (Venezuela, Colombia) by Patricia Ortega.
2. Blue Hour (Japan) by Yuko Hakota.
3. The Chambermaid (Mexico) by Lila Aviles.
4. Heavy Craving (Taiwan) by Hsieh Pei-ju.
5. House Of Hummingbird (South Korea, US) by Kim Bo-ra.
6. Manta Ray (Thailand, France, China) by Phuttiphong Aroonpheng.
7. Monsters (Romania) by Marius Olteanu.
8. Obscure (US, China) by Wang Kunlin.
9. Sons Of Denmark (Denmark) by Ulaa Salim.
10. System Crasher (Germany) by Nora Fingscheidt.
11. Take Me Somewhere Nice (Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina) by Ena Sendijarevic.
12. Wild Sparrow (Taiwan) by Shih Li.

Short trailers for the nominated films.

The 21st Taipei Film Festival, is scheduled for June 27-July 13. This is the first year that Li Ya Mei is organizing the festival, after the departure of documentary filmmaker, Ko-shang Shen, reports Screen Daily. Li previously served as deputy secretary general of the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival.

On Friday, the organizers also announced nominees for all of the competition categories for domestic Taiwanese films. The lineup and categories can be viewed on the Taipei Film Festival website (Mandarin).