US sanctions ex-governor of Mexico's Nayarit state, judge

MEXICO CITY (AP) — The U.S. Treasury Department says it has sanctioned a Mexican ex-governor and a Mexican judge under corruption and narcotics statutes.

The department alleged Friday that ex-Gov. Roberto Sandoval Castañeda engaged in corrupt acts such as "misappropriation of state assets" and receiving drug cartel bribes. It said that magistrate judge Isidro Avelar Gutiérrez accepted money from the Jalisco New Generation and Los Cuinis gangs in return for rulings favoring them.

Businesses and individuals including Sandoval's wife, adult daughter and adult son were sanctioned as well.

Phone calls to a person Sandoval previously identified as his lawyer rang unanswered.

Sandoval was governor of Nayarit from 2011-2017 and was mayor of its capital, Tepic, from 2008-2011. The small Pacific coast state borders Jalisco, where the New Generation cartel is based.