Taiwanese stars A-mei, Jolin Tsai react to passage of same-sex marriage law

Taiwanese singer A-mei says she was moved to tears after passage of same-sex marriage law

Images from @aMEI.feat.AMIT Facebook page.

Images from @aMEI.feat.AMIT Facebook page.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Top Taiwanese entertainers, including A-mei (張惠妹) and Jolin Tsai (蔡依林), have reacted with joy on social media in response to today's (May 17) passage of Taiwan's same-sex marriage law, the first such law in Asia.

Today, Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage after 66 of 93 present legislators voted in favor of four key articles guaranteeing same-sex couples the right to marry. Singers Ailing Tai (戴愛玲) and Sean Lin (林俊逸) joined the estimated 25,000 supporters waiting eagerly outside the Legislative Yuan to hear the result, reported Apple Daily.

At around 1 p.m. this afternoon when it was announced outside of the Legislative Yuan that Article 4 had passed including the "marriage registration" clause, the crowd cheered. Tai shouted out, "I wish that all lovers can be married, because too many comrades and friends are beginning to worry about sending out red envelopes. It could be a lot. But as long as everyone can enjoy equal rights, that's what I hope most," according to the report.

Lin then said, "All human rights movements in history have been full of obstacles and even bloody storms. Between privacy rights and human rights, many legislators risked losing votes and chose to stand with human rights and I choose to stand with human rights. I sincerely thank and admire them."

Upon hearing the news that the core articles had passed, A-Mei, who is well known for championing LGBT rights for many years, took to Facebook to write the following:

"I cried when I saw the news... You can be proud of yourself after such a long journey! My dearest heroes want to have a complete rainbow after the early morning rain."

A-Mei's post gained 27,000 likes, 872 comments, and 972 shares within one hour of uploading.

After hearing the news, Jolin Tsai posted a photo of a rainbow on Facebook and wrote:

"Congratulations!!!! Everyone deserves happiness! Wedding song don't forget the never-ending sunset, OK? (over and over, haha)."

Within an hour, Tsai's post gained over 20,000 likes, 557 comments, and 292 shares.

Hebe Tien (田馥甄) on Facebook wrote, "Love is, knowing how to love yourself, knowing how to love others, everything that has love can love others. A day worth recording. I love you."

Ella Chen (陳嘉樺), who is also very concerned about LGBT issues on Facebook wrote, "I hope everyone can understand and respect each other without discrimination, misunderstandings, or hatred. Although it is raining today, there will be a rainbow after the rain. Keep striving everyone."