Taiwan Ministry of National Defense releases video ahead of Han Kuang exercises

Joint military exercises to be held in four areas across in Taiwan, May 27 to May 31

Photo from Military News Agency

Photo from Military News Agency

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Ahead of the annual Han Kuang military exercises (漢光演習) planned for later this month, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) released a promotional video for Taiwan’s armed forces on Thursday (May 17).

The exercises will be held May 27 to May 31 primarily along Taiwan’s eastern seaboard and airspace, simulating a Chinese invasion. The Air Force will also practice emergency landing and take-off exercises in Changhua, and live-fire exercises are also planned in Pingtung County.

The joint exercises will cover an array of tactical scenarios. The exercises are designed to ensure interoperability between the different branches on the armed forces, and preparedness in the event of a sudden attack from across the Taiwan Strait.

At the end of April, a computer simulated portion of the Han Kuang exercises was held, including exercises aimed at combating disinformation and “fake news” online, which might be utilized by enemy forces in the event of an attack on the country.

Admiral Li Hsi-ming (李喜明), the Chief of General Staff, at the Ministry of National Defense, quoted by Liberty Times, said that “Soldiers need a battlefield.” The annual Han Kuang exercises carried out each year help to keep armed forces prepared and demonstrate to the people of Taiwan the military’s commitment to safeguarding the nation, said Li.