Man maimed by letter bomb explosion in Kaohsiung office

Man badly injured by letter bomb in Kaohsiung over NT$10 million debt dispute

Damage to office from bomb.

Damage to office from bomb. (By CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- After a businessman was badly wounded by an exploding package in Kaohsiung City on Wednesday (May 15), Kaohsiung police today (May 16) announced the arrest of a man and woman suspected to have plotted the bombing after a debt dispute with the victim, reported CNA.

Gushan District Police said that they believe that the male suspect, surnamed Tai (戴), knew the victim surnamed Feng (馮), who was the owner of a design and engineering company. Police found that the two apparently had a debt dispute over an NT$10 million project.

On Tuesday evening (May 14), the female suspect, surnamed Chung (鍾) allegedly drove Tai to the building where Feng's company was located on Minkang Street. Surveillance footage showed that Tai then got out of the care and placed a package addressed to Feng in front of his office and left the scene.

Tai carrying package. (CNA image)

The company's accountant spotted the package and brought it into the office at 9 a.m. on Wednesday morning (May 15). At noon that day, Feng was alone in his office when opened the package and it exploded, causing him to suffer extensive injuries.

The blast was so powerful that it shattered the windows and smashed the doors on the first and second floors of the company and damaged a sedan parked outside. When firefighters arrived on the scene, they found that Feng had been severely injured and was in a coma, so they immediately rushed him to the hospital.

Doctors found that Feng had suffered burns to 80 percent of his body, including his face, hands, chest, and legs. Feng is currently in intensive care and is listed in critical condition.

Exterior of building after blast. (CNA photo)

After police reviewed surveillance camera footage from the front of the building, they were able to identify the suspects and trace their movement. Police first arrested Chung in Pingtung on Wednesday night and then arrested Tai this morning in New Taipei City, and took him in for questioning.

During questioning by police, Tai confessed to placing the package labeled with Feng's surname in front of the company. However, Tai refused to disclose details of the package's contents, origin, or other details of the case. Chung was found to be a friend of Tai's, but the extent of her involvement in the case has yet to be clarified.

Police have gathered the remains of the explosive and have submitted them to the lab for further analysis.