Taiwan's Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall launches new painting to celebrate 47th anniversary

'Taiwan Scenery' will replace 'Cypress Spring' in the building's East Hall


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall today (Thursday, May 16) unveiled a new painting entitled “Taiwan Scenery” (台灣風情) to celebrate its 47th birthday.

Curator Liang Yuan-Pei (梁永斐) said the new painting will replace “Cypress Spring” (松柏同春), which occupied a wall inside the East Hall. Cypress Spring was on display for forty years but is currently undergoing restoration.

Cypress Spring was a collaboration between 12 renowned artists, said Liang, including Zhang Daqian (張大千), Huang Jun-bi (黃君璧) and George Yeh (葉公超). Since the artists have all passed away, the Memorial Hall invited their former proteges to work together on a new piece.

Taiwan Scenery, a traditional ink painting, depicts indigenous species of animals and plants, including oncorhynchus masou, the clouded leopard, the alpine rhododendron and the wild lily.

In view of the Memorial Hall's 47th anniversary, an exhibition celebrating the works of architect Dahong Wang (王大閎) will also be open to the public, Liang said.

More information can be found on the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall website.