Green concerns and incentives drive demand for e-motorbikes in Taiwan

The government and private sector both play a role in boosting production of e-motorcycles and sales

Electric motorcycles (Photo/FB Kymco Taiwan)

Electric motorcycles (Photo/FB Kymco Taiwan)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Environmental awareness and government incentives are driving production of electric motorcycles in Taiwan, which reached a record high of 91,000 in 2018, posting year-on-year growth of 81.8 percent.

According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), the number of motorbikes in Taiwan has declined over the past two years. Prices climbed to NT$54,600 per vehicle on average last year.

In 2018, 856,000 gas-powered motorbikes hit the market, accounting for 90.4 percent of the total motorcycle market. The figure was down 8.2 percent from 2015.

Conversely, demand for e-motorbikes has hiked since 2015, with the number of vehicles produced increasing every year. The rising trend can be attributed to growing environmental awareness, measures such as subsidies and tax cuts, as well as stepped up efforts by manufacturers to invest in the development of electric vehicles, said MOEA.

Price cuts and an expanded network of charging and maintenance stations have also helped drive up e-motorbike sales in Taiwan. Between January and March in 2019, the island has seen an additional 23,000 such vehicles on the streets, or a 73.1 percent rise compared to the same period last year.