Taiwanese schools form alliance to fight stroke with new tech

Yang Ming Unviersity, Chiao Tung University, and Academia Sinica employ AI, smart tech to create digital medical platform


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Three academic institutions in Taiwan are teaming up to create a “Digital Medical Alliance” to establish a platform combining the Internet of Things, smart technology, and artificial Intelligence to better treat and prevent serious diseases and medical problems.

At the 2019 Digital Medicine Summit, the alliance, which includes researchers from National Yang Ming University (陽明大學), Chiao Tung University (交通大學), and Academia Sinica (中央研究院), announced that the first medical problem they will target will be “strokes.”

Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in Taiwan. By utilizing advances in technology and artificial intelligence the medical alliance hopes to quickly be able to determine the exact location and degree of brain hemorrhages, to better assess treatment options within seconds.

Using genetic analysis and by considering other lifestyle a factor, the new platform aims to be able to detect the likelihood that an individual will suffer a stroke, reports Liberty Times.

The research team at Academia Sinica, led by Fan Yangcheng (范揚政), has access to a national database in the United States on brain stroke sufferers, and will soon have access to databases in Japan and Europe, to help develop a databank for the project.

The system, once fully developed, will continuously monitor those at high risk of strokes and stroke survivors to help lower the possibility the strokes will occur.

Further, patient data will contribute to the development to a “stroke map” which will utilize technology similar to a “Google map” of the brain, which will allow medical professionals to better understand the brain’s working conditions and topography.

Researchers from the three academic institutes (Photo from Yang Ming University)