Nice hike preceding ascent to Taiwan’s highest mountain

The Tataka area is where mountaineers usually pass through before climbing Taiwan’s highest mountain


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Yushan National Park, Taiwan’s largest land-based national park, is characterized by high mountains, river valleys, and abundant natural resources.

The Tataka area, situated about 2,600 meters above sea level, is where mountaineers usually pass through before climbing Taiwan’s highest mountain.

Going along the forest road, the giant hemlock spruce with its top shaped like an umbrella comes into view at a road junction. This tree has been standing there for hundreds of years, providing not only shade for resting travelers, but is also a marker for the habitat of many animals and plants among the surroundings.

Walking along the forest road, visitors have a chance to come across the Formosan Reeve's muntjac, the largest mammal most commonly seen on the Tataka Trail, and the Mikado pheasant, which is endemic to Taiwan and the largest ground-inhabited bird species here.

After passing the trailhead of Tataka Trail and walking through the path flanked by the Yushan arrow bamboo, mountaineers will arrive at the saddle of Linzhi Mountain. Here, if the weather is good, the view to the mountains far away is incredible.

After the saddle, it is a hike up along the gently sloping trail that provides the view of vast high mountain grasslands.

Also visible from the top of Linzhi Mountain, situated 2,854 meters above sea level, is Tataka Saddle to the east, the watershed that divides the Jhuoshuei River basin and the Gaoping River basin.

The peaks of the Yushan mountain range are also visible in the far distance, and so are the traces left behind by a forest fire on the south side of Yushan Front Peak.  

Walking down the steep trail to Tataka Saddle, mountaineers will come to the trailhead of the trail that leads to the highest point of Taiwan--Yushan Main Peak. Are you ready to take on the challenge?