Popular Taiwan YouTuber apologizes for supporting Han Kuo-yu

Popular online celebrity Holger Chen apologizes to people of Kaohsiung for promoting Han, endangering Taiwan

(Screen Grab from Holger Chen YouTube)

(Screen Grab from Holger Chen YouTube)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – One of Taiwan’s well-known social commentators and online celebrities, Holger Chen (陳之漢), also known as Kuan Chang (館長), made a public apology on May 14 for his previous support of Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜).

In another sign of Han’s declining public support, the YouTuber, who is a gym owner and mixed martial artist, with a Youtube audience of over 300,000, declared his previous support for Mayor Han, stating“In my 40 years of life, this is the most humiliating thing I’ve done.”

In light of Han's conduct since becoming mayor, and out of concern that Han may be a viable presidential candidate for Taiwan's upcoming 2020 election, Chen explained that he feels he has endangered the welfare of Kaohsiung and Taiwan with his previous endorsement of the Kuomintang politician in last year’s election.

Chen expressed his sincere apology to the “people of Taiwan and Kaohsiung,” and specifically to all of his fans who voted for Han as a result of his influence. He said he hopes that his fans can forgive him for his mistakes.

"I know I can do more for Kaohsiung, but people are disappointed in me. I’m even more disappointed in myself. To my audience, I am sorry. I can’t do anything to quickly fix this, I can only apologize,” said Chen.

While many of his viewers responded enthusiastically, calling him a “real man” for his honest apology, there were others who intoned that the damage had already been done, and there were still far too many who have not yet reached the same the sobering realization as Chen.

Chen's apology video (Taiwanese and Mandarin) can be viewed here (quoted portions begin after the 30:00 min. mark).