Taiwan elementary school in Penghu honored for beach clean-up efforts

EPA recognized Heheng Elementary for contribution keeping Penghu's beaches beautiful

(Screengrab from Heheng Elementary beach clean-up video)

(Screengrab from Heheng Elementary beach clean-up video)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A small elementary school in Taiwan’s outlying Penghu County (澎湖縣) has been honored by the Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) with a special award for contributing to environmental conservation efforts.

The school, Heheng Elementary School (合橫國小), has been recognized for its consistent efforts to clean up the local Huoluo beach (螺海灘) in Penghu’s Xiyu Township (西嶼鄉).

On Tuesday (May 14) the EPA gave the “Special Contribution to Coastal Environmental Cleanliness Award” (海岸環境清潔特殊貢獻獎) to the school.

The small school, with a current student population of less than forty, makes a regular trip to the beach each month to clean up trash, and help maintain the natural habitat of along the coast.

The school has made the trips a regular part of its schedule for three and a half years. The principal, Ye Wanquan (葉萬全) leads the students to the nearby beach on the afternoon of the third Thursday each month, reports Liberty Times. The majority of the garbage the school children collect has drifted to Penghu from China, however children have discovered garbage from as far away as Europe, according to the report.

The EPA praised the spirit of the teachers and students for fostering a commitment to conservation at the elementary school, and hopes the school will serve as a role model for others across the country.

Below is a video produced by the school and released in December 2018, which follows the children on one of their trips to care for their local coastal environment.