Taiwan student wins silver medal in fruit and vegetable carving at HOFEX

Ke said he spend three months carving the highly detailed Jade Emperor and his entourage out of taro for the Hong Kong competition

Ke Fu-feng and his winning work (Ke Fu-feng photo)

Ke Fu-feng and his winning work (Ke Fu-feng photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Shu-Te University graduate student Ke Feng-fu (柯豐富) won the silver medal in the fruit and vegetable carving competition at the 2019 Hong Kong International Culinary Classic, which was held from May 7- 10.

According to Liberty Times, the work was 120 cm tall and 80 cm wide, weighing 80 kilograms. The work was carved out of taro and resembled art works commonly found in temples.

Ke has been interested in temple activities since he was a small boy, Liberty Times reported. Ke said he spent three months carving the Jade Emperor and his entourage out of taro.

In order to avoid the taro from becoming watery, the carving took place completely in an air-conditioned room, Liberty Times reported. After the carving was done, transporting the work to the competition site also posed a challenge. In the end, the work was cut into eight pieces and put into boxes.

Some parts of the work were sent as unaccompanied baggage, but more fragile parts were carefully carried on a flight by Ke, his father, and his teacher, the news outlet said.

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