Check in at NE Taiwan’s Jioujhihze on Facebook and enjoy free hot spring

The natural scenery of Jioujhihze Hot Spring can be compared to Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Jioujhihze Hot Spring (Loudong Forest District Office)

Jioujhihze Hot Spring (Loudong Forest District Office)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Visitors who come to Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area (太平山國家森林遊樂區) on May 20 will have a cheerful surprise because they can enjoy Jioujhihze Hot Spring (鳩之澤溫泉) for free if they check in at one of three places in the Jioujhihze area.

In addition to the hot spring for which Jioujhihze is famous, a suspension bridge and a natural trail are also popular attractions in the Jioujhihze area, which is located not far from the entrance of the forest recreation area.

As the elevation of the Jioujhihze area is 520 meters above sea level, Forestry Bureau’s Loudong Forest District Office (LFDO) is offering a real bargain to visitors on May 20 (Monday).

Any visitors to Taipingshan on May 20 who check in at Jioujhihze Hot Spring, Duowang Suspension Bridge (多望吊橋), or Jiouhihze Natural Trail (鳩之澤自然步道) on Facebook and share the photos they take at any of these three places with the words “鳩之澤520我愛你” (Jiouhihze 520 I love you) between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. will be eligible to enjoy the hot spring's outdoor pools or naked pools for free on the same day, the district office said.

The water of Jioujhihze Hot Spring comes from rock cracks on the mountainside, and the color of the water appears to be sapphire blue after going through oxidation and sedimentation, the district office said. The natural scenery of Jioujhihze Hot Spring can be compared to Blue Lagoon in Iceland, according to the district office.

As the weather is getting hot in early summer, temperatures of the hot spring are adjusted down to 38 to 42 degrees Celsius, the office added.

In addition, Jiouhihze Natural Trail in the area is 1.1 kilometers long. Walking along the trail, visitors can enjoy the views of ferns and evergreen broad-leaved forests commonly found at the low and mid elevations.

For more information, please refer to Taipingshan Facebook’s fan page and Taipingshan Forest Recreation Area website, or call the Taipingshan service center at 03-9809805 or the hot spring area at 03-9809767.

Duowang Suspension Bridge (Loudong Forest District Office photo)

Jiouhihze Natural Trail (Loudong Forest District Office photo)

Jioujhihze Hot Spring (Loudong Forest District Office photo)