Sales of hot pot flavored toothpaste on fire in China

Sales of hot pot flavored toothpaste smoking hot in China

Hot pot flavored toothpaste. (Weibo image)

Hot pot flavored toothpaste. (Weibo image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The demand by Chinese consumers for the fiery flavor hot pot flavored toothpaste was white hot on Friday (May 10), with the novelty product selling out within seconds.

On Friday, Chinese toothpaste maker Leng Suan Ling (冷酸靈) paired up with hot pot chain Xiao Long Kan (小龍坎) to release limited-edition spicy hot pot flavored toothpaste online, reported the Chongqing Morning Post. The three flavors of toothpaste included "Sichuan slightly spicy," "standard medium spicy," and "scandalously demented spicy."

After over 3,000 pre-orders of the product were made on the Tmall site, only 200 were available to the public when sales began at 10 a.m. on Friday. At a price of 29.9 Chinese yuan each (US$4.35), the 200 remaining packages were then sold out within 11 seconds, according to Red Star News.

Sales of hot pot flavored toothpaste on fire in China
Samples of the three flavors of toothpaste. (Weibo photo)

Many Chinese netizens were skeptical and speculated about the purpose of the spicy toothpaste:

"Can these things really work?"

"After I brush with hot pot flavor, do I then need to brush again with another type of toothpaste?"

"Now you can eat hotpot at least twice a day."

"The most important function of this toothpaste is that brushing it every day when waking up will give you instant energy."

Sales of hot pot flavored toothpaste on fire in China
Three flavors from left to right: "standard medium spicy," "Sichuan slightly spicy," and "scandalously demented spicy." (Internet image)

Those who were actually able to buy the product relayed their experiences:

"I thought it would be very hot and spicy. But when I tried the demented spicy flavor, I didn't think it was that spicy. When brushing, there is the faint smell of Sichuan peppercorns. Felt clean after brushing. There was no major smell in my mouth."

"When I first started brushing, I didn't notice the spiciness. After the foam started to form, I started to notice the spicy taste in my mouth. Soon, with every brush, it felt like flame was bursting out of my mouth. Compared with the standard medium spicy, the Sichuan slightly spicy was less hot, but I felt a tingling sensation on my tongue. The feeling was like eating 10 spicy beef kebabs."

"It was not the hot pot taste that I had imagined. Instead, it's an inexplicable spiciness. It's impossible to tolerate after brushing for two minutes."

"With this toothpaste, even strong gums can catch on fire."

Zhu Jun, a specialist at the No. 2 Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University told Modern Express that the product would not affect the user's health, but it may not be good for people with sensitive gums. "If you have sensitive gums, inflammation in the mouth, or if you cannot tolerate this flavor, avoid using it. It could possibly aggravate the inflammation of gums and have adverse effects on oral health."

Sales of hot pot flavored toothpaste on fire in China
(Weibo image)