Taiwan's China Airlines announces new fleet upgrades

Airline to lease 14 Airbus A321neo passenger planes for regional routes, purchase 3 Boeing 777 aircraft for long haul cargo fleet

Airbus A321neo (Photo from Airbus)

Airbus A321neo (Photo from Airbus)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwan’s China Airlines is preparing to upgrade its fleet with a lease of 14 Airbus A321neo aircraft this year, which are likely to be in service by 2021.

The lease of the narrow-body aircraft will bolster the airline’s short-haul routes in the Asia-Pacific region. The lease agreement with Airbus reportedly allows for the option of leasing up to 16 additional aircraft.

A Press Release by the company comments on the choice of the Airbus model.

“After assessing all relevant aircraft features and considering the congestion of neighboring airports in Asia, China Airlines (has) selected Airbus A321neo as the optimum aircraft for the regional narrow-body operations.”

The A321neo planes will be outfitted with cabin designs to complement the existing fleet of 777s and A350s, which will incorporate “wood grain features and Song Dynasty aesthetics,” reports Airline Geeks.

In addition to the deal with Airbus for commercial passenger aircraft, earlier this week China Airlines also inked an agreement with Boeing for three 777 aircraft to supplement its cargo fleet operating on routes to Europe and North America. The MoU with Boeing includes options for three additional aircraft in the future, reports International Flight Network.