Immersive art installation "Zero Gravity Universe" opens at Taipei's Songshan Cultural Park

A live performance from the collaborating artists is scheduled for 2 p.m. on May 12

"Zero Gravity Universe" has kicked off in Songshan Cultural Park (Photo by Taiwan News Lyla)

"Zero Gravity Universe" has kicked off in Songshan Cultural Park (Photo by Taiwan News Lyla)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — “Zero Gravity Universe” (無重力星空), a collaboration between British and Taiwanese artists, is the latest exhibition to showcase at Songshan Cultural Park in Taipei.

The new creation is one of a series of "Lab Experiment Plan" (Lab實驗啟動計劃) events recently launched at the park. It aims to explore art in an unlimited space rather than exhibiting artists’ imaginations towards the universe, Songshan Cultural Park explained.

Zero Gravity Universe is a collaboration between the British artist Wolfgang Buttress, the cross discipline team “BE”, which comprises musicians and scientists, and Taiwanese artists Fujui Wang (王福瑞)and Shu-Jian Chen (陳淑強). The team have projected their imagination of the distant universe across the venue using electronic devices and large-scale installations.

Chen’s installation piece Rendezvous Ⅱ (際會2) is the most apparent feature of the project when walking into the venue; an enormous collage of cotton strings and laser light projections. Buttress, BE and Wang will give a musical performance inside the sculpture on Sunday.

Buttress is a multidisciplinary artist and created “The Hive”, which showcased in Kew Garden, London. He this time collaborated with BE to create the immersive work “Lumen”, displayed inside Zero Gravity Universe accompanied by Wang’s musical work “Space Transmission” (星空傳波).

Wang pointed out that even though he, Wolfgang and BE have music playing at the same time, it is surprisingly harmonious.

Buttress said though he and Wang could not communicate successfully with spoken language, music is a universal language, and allowed them to share their ideas.

The live, collaborative performance is scheduled for 2 p.m. on Sunday, May 12 in Songshan Cultural Park's Lab Creative Room (LAB創意實驗室). There will be three following workshops with the artists on May 18, May 25 and June 2.

In addition to the artists mentioned above, the exhibition showcases the works of three young, local talents, including Po-Hao Chi's (紀柏豪) Duplex Transmission (雙向傳輸), Sin-Ren Wang's (王新仁) Cross Star (星芒) and Chung Hsin's (張欣) Attuning (調音). For more information, visit the Songshan Cultural Park or Jut Art Museum.