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KMT opens commission to monitor its officials

KMT opens commission to monitor its officials

The main opposition Kuomintang's Clean Government Commission, aimed at upholding integrity and efficiency within the party, was inaugurated yesterday.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony, KMT Chairman and Taipei City Mayor Ma Ying-jeou said that the establishment of the commission is a response to the Taiwan people's expectations of political integrity and efficiency.

The commission is not only committed to building a new ethic of responsibility, it is also committed to playing a role as a watchdog, Ma said, adding that it is hoped the commission will help Taiwan's international image of integrity and efficiency continue to improve.

The commission - which has vowed to fight vote-buying, bribery and corruption - consists of five KMT members and six non-KMT members.

Chang Po-ya, chairwoman of the Non-Partisan Solidarity Union, is heading the commission.

Presenting certificates to Chang and each of the other 10 members, Ma said non-KMT and independent figures have been invited to join the commission in order to prevent KMT officials from "shielding one another."

The commission will have the power to initiate investigations, Ma said, adding that the commission will set up its own Web site, mail box and hot line to allow members of the Taiwan public to learn more about the commission's work or to report any information on suspected wrong-doing by members of the party.

Updated : 2021-12-06 02:03 GMT+08:00