Vigilantes vandalize Kaohsiung woman's home after video shows her beat dog

Taiwanese vigilantes smash woman's home in Kaohsiung after video showing her beat dog goes viral

Screenshot of video from Facebook page 爆怨公社.

Screenshot of video from Facebook page 爆怨公社.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Vigilantes vandalized a woman's home in Kaohsiung on Thursday (May 9) after a video surfaced on social media showing her mercilessly beating a stray dog with a broom.

On Wednesday (May 8), a woman surnamed Huang (黃) living in Kaohsiung's Linyuan District complained to her neighbor, a woman surnamed Kuo (郭), that her dog had been damaging her potted plants and demanded compensation. However, Kuo denied that she was the owner of the dog and was reluctant to offer any payment.

Furious, Huang grabbed a broomstick and savagely beat the dog. Kuo shot video of the beating and uploaded it to the Taiwanese Facebook group Baoyuan Commune (爆怨公社), where it quickly drew the ire of enraged dog lovers.

Still of video from Facebook group 爆怨公社.

The Kaohsiung City Animal Protection Office was alerted to the video on Thursday (May 9) and brought Huang and Kuo into the Linyuan Precinct Police Station for questioning. Following a preliminary investigation, police believe that Huang violated the Animal Protection Act (動保法).

However, in Kuo's case, because she claimed not to be the owner of the dog, she had not committed any criminal offenses. Police said that if Huang sought compensation from Kuo, she would have to file a civil suit.

While the two were being questioned by police, a group of approximately five men and women descended on Huang's house and threw eggs, smashed a window, turned over a scooter, dumped a potted plant, and sprayed the Chinese word "f***" on the door with green spray paint, reported UDN. When Huang received word that her house was under attack, she quickly rushed home.

Still of video from Facebook group 爆怨公社.

When she arrived on the scene, she became angered by the mess in front of her house. She then reported the incident to police.

On Friday (May 10), police said that surveillance camera footage showed a large group of people driving a car to Huang's house to exact revenge. The said they are currently tracing their movements to identify those involved in the act of vandalism.

Dog that suffered beating. (Screenshot from Facebook group 爆怨公社.)

Damage to Huang's window. (Kaohsiung Police Department photo)

Vandalism to Huang's home. (Kaohsiung Police Department photo)

Vandalism to front of Huang's house. (Photo from Facebook group 爆怨公社)