Female Thai tourist claims denied entry to Taiwan for skimpy top

Tank top-clad Thai tourist blames denial of entry to Taiwan on appearance

Screenshot from Facebook page @littleprincessofandaman.

Screenshot from Facebook page @littleprincessofandaman.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A Thai woman posted an angry rant on Facebook claiming that she had been denied entry at immigration in the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport based on her appearance.

In her first Facebook post, she uploaded a photo of herself appearing to be waiting in line at an airport wearing a skimpy, low-cut tank top and tight blue jeans. Her mood seems optimistic as she writes with eager anticipation about her flight from Thailand's Chiang Mai International Airport to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport as she posts lyrics from a Thai song:

"Going to the end of the horizon and never look back.
Going to the wildest stars of my dreams.
No matter how long or far.
Nothing can stop my dream.
As long as I never give up, nothing can stop me.

She then adds the words in English, "I believe in myself. Stay strong. Will be back to you Thailand."

Woman's photo and initial post. (Facebook page @littleprincessofandaman)

However, in her next Facebook entry, which shows a map indicating she is at the airport in Taoyan, she bitterly complains after apparently being rejected from entering Taiwan at immigration. In her post, she writes:

"Such a small city, people suck (hia). Immigration also sucks (hia). Looking down on others because of their physical appearance. I will never come back again in this life for sure.

"Hia" in Thai literally means "water monitor" and is considered a serious insult, roughly equivalent to "a**hole." She then curses Taiwan's National Immigration Agency (NIA) in English: "F***ing immigration Taipei. Lick my a**."

Woman's angry rant after landing in Taiwan. (Facebook page @littleprincessofandaman)

The post was then shared on the Thai Facebook group @littleprincessofandaman on Sunday (May 5), and from there it quickly went viral on Thai social network groups.

A Thai blogger based in Taipei told Taiwan News that many Thais think the woman deserved being rejected, because they believe she was indeed headed to engage in the sex trade in Taiwan based on a few clues from her posts. First, the blogger said that the song that she posted lyrics from is about going to work, not for going on a vacation.

Second, comments by her friends in Thai wished her "good fortune," instead of the usual "good trip." Third, the woman indicated that she was going to start a job, but Thais who work legally in Taiwan generally go through agencies, not on their own.

Finally, Thai netizens felt that she was dressed too provocatively for a casual trip. Others speculated that the NIA denied entry because she had a record of previous criminal acts she had committed while in Taiwan.

However, some Thais countered, that she may have been going on a legitimate business trip.

She said some Thais feared that this incident, along with other high profile arrests of Thai tourists caught engaging in prostitution in Taiwan, would affect the visa-free treatment Thais currently enjoy in Taiwan.