Video shows middle-aged Taiwanese woman demand foreigner give up seat because she's 'old'

Video shows middle-aged Taiwanese woman screech at foreign woman in English to give up priority seat on MRT

(Screenshots from Facebook page 黑色豪門企業)

(Screenshots from Facebook page 黑色豪門企業)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Video surfaced on Wednesday (May 8) showing a middle-aged Taiwanese woman demanding in English that a foreign immigrant woman give up her priority seat because she is "old."

At 3:53 p.m. on Wednesday, a video was posted on the Facebook page Heise Haomen Qiye (黑色豪門企業) showing an apparently able-bodied Taiwanese woman who appears to be in her 50s loudly screeching at a woman wearing a hijab, possibly an Indonesian national, to get up and allow her to sit in the priority seat because she is "old."

The person who posted the video said that the footage was shot on Sunday (May 5) on the Taipei MRT at 5 p.m. In the video, titled "Taipei Local Auntie Grabs Seat on MRT," the middle-aged woman thrusts her head in the foreign woman's face and shouts in broken English "This is for person who is old. I'm old! You're not!"

"Auntie" confronting foreigner (left). "Auntie" criticizing foreigner after taking seat (right). (Screenshot from Facebook page 黑色豪門企業)

She then says, "I don't ask you to stand up. We don't do this." The foreign woman quietly and politely complies by standing up and promptly giving the middle-aged woman the priority seat.

Rather than show gratitude for the woman's gesture, the "auntie" then bitterly mutters in Taiwanese dialect, "If I didn't teach her, she wouldn't do it."

The Taipei Metro website says that priority seats (博愛座) are meant for the elderly, the infirm, pregnant women, and children. However, no age range is explicitly stated to define "elderly."

Taiwanese netizens embarrassed by the middle-aged woman's uncouth behavior:



"A-Sun is really thick-skinned."


"This brings shame to Taiwanese people."

"The auntie said that the foreign woman had not been taught, but she is the one who needs someone to teach her."

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Screenshot from Facebook page 黑色豪門企業.