Taiwan-made Gogoro 3 released at discounted price of NT$35,980

Taiwan's Gogoro releases Gogoro 3 featuring new design, batteries with range of up to 170 km

Taiwan-made Gogoro 3 released at discounted price of NT$35,980

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwanese electric scooter maker Gogoro unveiled its latest model, the Gogoro 3, on Wednesday (May 8) featuring new batteries with a range of 170 kilometers and selling at a discounted price of NT$35,980 (US$1,162).

The body of the new Gogoro has been completely redesigned and is now made of non-toxic, 100 percent recyclable polypropylene, which the company says is scratch and ding resistant. The inside panels now come in a wide variety of colors enabling two-tone color schemes.

The batteries of the Gogoro 3 have been upgraded to 2170-format cells manufactured by Panasonic, a supplier for Tesla, enabling it to travel up to 170 kilometers on a single charge. The new batteries also have a higher density than the old 18650 cells.

The top speed of the standard Gogoro 3 is 82 kilometers per hour, while the maximum speed for the Gogoro 3 Plus is 86 kilometers per hour. The new scooter comes equipped with a 6 kW (8 hp) mid drive motor, which provides the rear wheel with 180 Nm of torque, placing it in the same category as 125cc gasoline-fueled scooters.

For safety, the vehicle comes equipped with a synchronous brake system (SBS) that links the front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. The scooter is started by waving an NFC-enabled iQ System smart keycard over its backlit LCD display.

Trunk space in the new scooter has been increased from 25 L to 26.6 L, enough room for two separate three-quarter helmets. Another new feature is a built-in cup holder which comes with a non-slip rubber lining, perfect for Taiwanese pearl milk tea.

In terms of colors, the Gogoro 3 comes in choices of lemon sorbet, maple sugar mocha, blueberry mousse, blue, red, and gray.

The base price of the vehicle is listed at NT$69,980. However, after deducting the maximum government subsidy of NT$33,000 to replace two-stroke scooters in Taoyuan City and a Combination Braking System (CBS) subsidy of NT$1,000, the scooters can be had at a discounted price of NT$35,980.

Updated : 2021-01-26 00:02 GMT+08:00