Video shows octopus nearly rip off Chinese streamer's face

Chinese live-streamer bleeds after octopus latches on to her face

Screenshots from video.

Screenshots from video.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A Chinese live-streamer broadcast her harrowing encounter with an octopus as she tried to pry its suckers off her face, leading to a number of minor injuries.

In what was supposed to be a live broadcast showing the Chinese streamer taking the "swallow live octopus challenge," quickly turns into a terrifying scene straight out of the film "Alien" as the angry octopus latches tightly to her face with its tentacles. In the excruciating one-minute-long video, the woman laughs at first as she tries to pull the octopus off her face, one sucker at a time.

However, the gravity of the situation soon sets in as the streamer starts to realize that each and every sucker is firmly attached to her face. She begins to howl in pain and fear as she slowly and agonizingly rips the sea creature's tentacles off her lips, nose, eyelid, and cheek.

Video shows octopus nearly rip off Chinese streamer's face
Woman struggles to pry octopus from her face. (Screenshot from video)

Of particular concern is her eye because a sucker is tightly locked onto her lower eyelid and is stretching it beyond recognition. Once she finally plucks the stubborn cephalopod off her face, she realizes that she is bleeding in several places and cries about the damage to her face.

Video shows octopus nearly rip off Chinese streamer's face
Woman clearly bleeding from a wound on her cheek. (Screenshot from video)

The grisly video quickly went viral not only in Weibo in China, but Live Leak in the U.S. Many netizens were disturbed by the tight grip the octopus had on the woman's face:

"I thought her eyelid was going to get torn off."

"It's so scary."

"The last counterattack of a life."

While others suspected the woman was exaggerating her reaction to get attention:

"Relying on an octopus to become popular."

"Acted like it was real."

"Her facial expression after being wounded didn't seem authentic."

"People will do anything to become popular online."

Updated : 2021-01-24 21:56 GMT+08:00