Taiwan’s Formosa Express to treat passengers with Michelin delicacies

A variety of snacks will be available on a daily basis as TRA ups the ante and provides great food to go with scenic travel

steamed dumplings (Photo/Hangzhou xiao long bao)

steamed dumplings (Photo/Hangzhou xiao long bao)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) announced Tuesday (May 7) that individuals riding on its trains between May 8 and June 30 will be treated to Michelin-recommended delicacies.

The campaign, in collaboration with ezTravel, will offer passengers boarding the Formosa Express (環島之星), Monday through Friday during the event period, an opportunity to taste some of Taiwan’s acclaimed snacks and cuisines, according to TRA.

The Michelin Bib Gourmand-honored items to be served on the trains include Fuzhou black pepper bun (福州世祖胡椒餅), dian shui lou (點水樓) bean cakes, Hangzhou xiao long bao (杭州小籠湯包) pumpkin cakes and steamed buns, NO. 1 food theater (一號糧倉) pastry, and more. There will be one to three delicacies available every day in the No. 6 carriage, which is dedicated to providing passengers a delightful sightseeing experience.

The program also involves six itineraries focusing on Michelin or celebrity-recommended eateries. The list features Taitung’s French restaurant Sinasera24 and A Xia Restaurant (阿霞飯店), Kaohsiung’s UKAI Teppanyaki, and Changhua’s Hong Ming’s Kitchen (宏銘的廚房), just to name a few.

Formosan Express trains have toured the island on an accumulated 7,000 trips, said TRA Director-General Chang Chen-yuan (張政源). He pledged to provide visitors with an even more unforgettable travel experience that satiates passengers’ gastronomic needs, Liberty Times quoted him as saying.

Taiwan’s Formosa Express to treat passengers with Michelin delicacies (Photos/CNA)